Eatai Roth


cropped-rothHeadshot-01-1.png(ē’-tī  rôTH)

I am a Washington Research Foundation Innovation Posdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington Institute for Neuroengineering. My research explores the neural and biomechanical processes which give rise to animal movement, how the nervous system transforms sensory information into action. Translating tools from robotics, control theory, and system identification, I develop experimental and analytical tools for discovering the general principles of neural control and organization that govern animal behavior. I am currently investigating the sensory regulation of insect flight in Tom Daniel’s lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington. I am broadly interested in behavior (animal, human, and robot), neural control, sensory processing, biomechanics, dynamics and control theories, system identification and modeling, machine learning, and human/animal-cyber-physical interactions.

I am also a fan of midcentury furniture and architecture, the Philadelphia Eagles, woodworking and other DIY craftiness, big ideas, small gestures, dogs of all sizes (provided the size is greater than 25 lbs), tiramisu, board games, and swimming in lakes.